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We cover a myriad of CPR-related topics, from basic techniques to advanced procedures. With insightful articles, real-life stories, and expert tips, it offers a holistic approach to CPR education. With our blog at Code Blue Training.

Whether discussing new research findings or sharing personal experiences, the blog fosters a community dedicated to saving lives through CPR knowledge and readiness.

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Code Blue Training Blog Read about CPR and related topics.

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We cover many topics to help expand your knowledge of CPR and related topics. Learn about training businesses, the American Heart Association, and science.

"It was fast and easy to get my BLS certificate, definitely recommend anyone who needs to certify in their BLS to go through them."


"The instructor was flexible with my schedule! It was also fairly priced, and I feel as though the instructor was very dedicated to making sure you left feeling confident that you know the material and how to apply it. Will be re-certing with them when the time comes for sure!"

Nursing Student