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Mason OH CPR Certification.

At Code Blue Training, we offer a variety of classes tailored to your needs, ensuring personalized training that meets AHA® standards. We make it easy to stay up-to-date on your CPR certifications by customizing training based on your background.

We provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate everyone, with classes available during the day, at night, and on weekends. Our office in Mason, OH hosts courses on a rotating schedule, making it convenient to earn your American Heart Association certifications locally.


Mason, OH CPR Certification Location.

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Mason, OH CPR Certification Courses Offered

Basic Life Support (BLS) The AHA’s BLS course trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations, and provide early use of an AED.    Certification. Upon compilation, students receive their certification on the same day of class! All certifications are American Heart Association certifications valid for two years. Meets all requirements of medically related schools and programs

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) The ACLS course teaches the importance of preventing cardiac arrest, high-performance teams, early and continuous high-quality CPR, systems of care, recognition, and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, post-cardiac arrest care, acute dysrhythmias, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes (ACS).   Certification. This Advanced Cardiac Life Support class in Middletown, OH, is a one-day course that earns you a two-year ACLS Certification Provider Card from the American Heart Association. Additionally, this class is in a stress-free classroom with experienced AHA instructors with real-world experience. Each instructor has training to provide top-notch, comprehensive training in a relaxed, warm, and friendly learning environment. Same-day certification!

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)  The AHA PALS Provider Course aims to improve outcomes for pediatric patients by preparing healthcare providers to effectively recognize and intervene in patients with respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary arrest using high‐performance team dynamics and high‐quality individual skills.   Certification. Every Pediatric Advanced Life Support course offered by Code Blue Training Middletown is in a stress-free, relaxed, respectful, and friendly classroom environment. Likewise, we understand that an advanced class such as PALS can be intimidating under certain circumstances. However, we make it a focus to ensure a great experience. Uniquely, the PALS class in Middletown, OH, is a one-day course that earns you a two-year same-day Certification Provider Card from the American Heart Association.

Local Mason, OH BLS Renewal Classes! Sign up now for an American Heart Association Basic Life Support recertification course. This course is the required CPR for healthcare providers. Same Day Certification! The design of this class is for nurses, doctors, dentists, EMTs, therapists, paramedics, and all other medical and healthcare-related professions.  On the Day of Class, you will obtain a two-year BLS Card certified by the AHA. Furthermore, all components of this course are taught in a relaxed and fun classroom environment by trained AHA instructors.  

ACLS renewal class in Mason, OH. Join our AHA ACLS refresher course and complete your recertification in one day!  Furthermore, our hands-on ACLS classes are Stress-Free! A relaxed and friendly classroom provides for an optimal learning experience. As well as our instructors are incredibly supportive, helpful, and focused on your success. After completing the Class, you will obtain a two-year ACLS Card certified by the AHA. Same Day Certification!

This course is the Update PALS course. It is an advanced life support course revolving around a pediatric crisis. Specialized nurses, physicians, paramedics, and all other healthcare providers who must develop and enhance their pediatric assessment skills must be PALS certified. Additionally, you will learn and practice identifying the onset of shock and respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies in children and infants. The PALS class in Mason, OH, is a one-day course that earns you a two-year same-day Certification Provider Card from the American Heart Association.

CPR AED and First Aid courses for anyone who needs a course completion card for a job, regulatory (for example, OSHA), or other requirements. These courses can also be for anyone who wants to prepare for an emergency in any setting. The Heartsaver® First Aid and CPR class will teach students the essential skills and knowledge required to manage emergencies until advanced medical personnel arrive. Indeed, this American Heart Association training course can be life-saving in critical situations. 

Skills Check for American Heart Association Online CPR, BLS, ACLS, & PALS. This is for people who have completed Heartcode online.

Prepare for pediatric emergencies by learning Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS). During this course, students learn how to use a systematic approach to quickly assess, recognize the cause, and stabilize a pediatric patient in an emergency. Presently, the AHA’s PEARS Course is for healthcare providers and others who might encounter pediatric emergencies during their work.   Certification After completing all required activities and demonstrating sufficient knowledge and skill, candidates receive an AHA PEARS Provider Course completion card, valid for two years.

  • Seth was amazing to work on getting my BLS instructor! I am excited to see where things go and look forward to taking more classes with him. If you... read more

    Michael Troup Avatar Michael Troup
    April 24, 2023

    They were able to get me in quickly for a BLS class. Very interactive, answering all questions in a way I understood. Will definitely be back for ACLS and PALS!... read more

    Allie Dechert Avatar Allie Dechert
    June 21, 2023

    Best training I have had in years. Thank you Seth.

    Donna March Avatar Donna March
    August 28, 2023
  • I highly recommend CODE Blue Training for your Training needs. Seth is an excellent instructor to learn from. He was very knowledgeable in course materials making it easy to understand.... read more

    David Avila Avatar David Avila
    May 19, 2023

    I saw several dermatologists to treat my Perioral Dermatitis and no matter what they gave me, it just got worse and worse. A part of me believed there had to... read more

    Kristen Hawkins Avatar Kristen Hawkins
    October 10, 2023

    Seth was amazing at teaching the class and he was very patient and I recommend him for all training

    Britney Bynum Bsn RnCeo Avatar Britney Bynum Bsn RnCeo
    July 8, 2023

Earn your certification here locally in Mason, OH!

Code Blue Training Mason, OH CRP Certification

Here at Code Blue Training, we aim to provide you with the best service and education! We work with people from all backgrounds, including nurses, EMS personnel, firefighters, and the general public, to help you earn the certification you need for your job, school, or personal enrichment. Code Blue is an American Heart Association (AHA) training site! All Mason, OH CPR Certification classes are approved and meet AHA standards.

When you complete one of our classes, you will earn your certification and receive your card quickly! Our AHA certifications meet the requirements you need for school or your career!

Our mission is to be the best in teaching life-saving education, such as CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and PALS. We strive to achieve this goal by having the highest standards of excellence and professionalism when teaching our students and supporting our instructors.

Questions? Need Assistance? Contact us at this location directly!


Cincinnati cpr certification
Cincinnati CPR Certification

Mason, OH CPR Certification. 

Cincinnati CPR Certification

We strive to provide you with the best instruction!


With over 25 years of Emergency Services experience, our professional instructions provide you with accredited First Aid / CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and Babysitting training aligned with the American Heart Association®.

Personalized Approach

We believe in a personalized approach to training and offer a variety of classes to meet your needs. We make staying on top of your CPR certifications easy. Training is tailored to your background while ensuring we meet AHA® standards. 

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible class scheduling to meet everyone’s needs. Classes are offered on days, nights, and weekends. We offer classes on a rotating schedule at our office location.

From the owner of the Mason, OH CPR Certification Location.

Mason OH CPR Certification

Ryan Chapman,

Owner First In Last Out CPR & First Aid

Proud Partner of Code Blue Training!

My background

After being in the Fire and EMS services for over 25 years, I have seen how often seconds count in an emergency. Coupling that with my passion for teaching and helping people led me to start First In, Last Out CPR & First Aid. 

My approach

I take a hands-on approach to training. I believe in learning, doing, teaching, and then mastering philosophy. I believe everyone has a real-life experience they are bringing and using it to help form their classroom experience.

First in Last Out CPR & First Aid


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