AHA Heartsaver® CPR AED eCard


AHA Heartsaver® CPR AED eCard. Purchasable by aligned AHA instructors with Code Blue Training. For issuance to students.



Heartsaver® CPR AED eCard

The American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver® CPR AED eCard signifies a significant advancement in emergency medical training, streamlining and enhancing the credentialing process for instructors and candidates worldwide. This digital certification embodies accessibility, security, and effectiveness, addressing the diverse needs of healthcare educators and institutions.

Eligible AHA Instructors, aligned with Code Blue Training, can purchase this eCard, for issuance to their students. Demonstrating their expertise in CPR and first aid. They earn this esteemed eCard by completing the AHA Heartsaver® CPR AED course, under the supervision of an accredited Heartsaver® or BLS Instructor.


Heartsaver® CPR AED

Heartsaver® CPR AED is a course that teaches adult CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) use, as well as how to relieve choking in an adult. This course teaches skills with the AHA’s research-proven practice-whilewatching technique, which allows instructors to observe the students, provide feedback, and guide the students’ learning of skills. Infant and child modules are optional. Provider cards are available exclusively to authorized TCs for issuance in accordance with AHA policy.


Additional Information

Students and employers can access 24/7 to check the training status of any eCard holder.

The alignment of this card is specific to the Training Center that issues it.

To verify an eCard, visit www.heart.org/CPR/mycards and enter the eCard code or scan the QR code on the student eCard.

Moreover, all cards include a copyright notice.

The expiration date displays in a 2-digit month, 4-digit year format, with a validity period of 2 years from the issue date.

Additionally, all information on the eCard digitally generates from the details entered by a valid Training Center Coordinator or Instructor.

For further details on eCards, refer to the AHA Course Card Reference Guide, accessible at www.heart.org/cards.

For information on alignment with Code Blue Training, visit our alignment information page at www.codebluetraining.org/aha-training-center-alignment/ or call 513-393-8379.

Additional information

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Associated Course : Heartsaver®
Format : eCard

• Electronic AHA course completion card

• Viewable online

• Valid alternative to printed AHA Heartsaver® CPR AED card

• Option to print as full-page or wallet-sized card once claimed